Rushmoor Community FC
Rushmoor Community FC
Est. 1990

Date Added 24/01/2018

Details now available on the events page or - Click Here!

As with all tournaments we are not only looking for teams to play. So much goes into the tournament event (prior, during and post) and it makes a massive contribution to supporting every registered player, member and potential new members making our club as great as it is.  With this in mind the club would always welcome:

 - Volunteers to support the pre/post event tasks and really allow the tournament to run smoothly. 

- Volunteers to support the actual event (A few hours is better than none and there will be tasks for all)

- Sponsorship (Whole event, pitches, balls, program advertisement - there is something for everyone's budget) - Advertise your business to more than 3000 people over two days. Any support given is better than none.

- Communication - Spread the word. If you are a Manager / Coach - ensure all opponent teams are made aware of the amazing event. Send out the link with your weekly mails. 

Pease contact the club if you want to take part, help out or ask any further questions. We hope to see you all over the two day event. 

As always your support is always appreciated - 

RCFC Team.